What They Said

“An oasis of originality in a desert of observationalists.” – The List

“His radical approach sticks out like blood on fresh snow.  In a stand-up world chock full of observational chat, he did gags.  But not normal gags – miniature stories delivered with deadpan efficiency.” – Birmingham Post

“How did it go?  I didn’t see you; I was having my make-up done.” – Martin Short

“A seemingly bottomless supply of deadpan one-liners, which quickly create their own beautiful twisted world.” – chortle.co.uk

“Bruce Griffiths is not what you expect from an Australian comedian.  He stands motionless at the microphone, intoning wisecracks with a monotone delivery that gives an inkling of what Lou Reed would be like if he ever tried his hand at stand-up comedy.  The jokes oozed out like honey dripping from a spoon, many of them raising just a chuckle, then a roar of laughter when the punchlines detonated seconds later in the brain.” – Bristol Chronicle

“I’m not ragging on longhairs; we’ve just had a very funny one onstage.” – Henry Rollins

“The feedback we got following our Dreams2Live4 comedy night was incredible. It was thrilling to see the enjoyment the crowd got from Bruce Griffiths’ performance. His one-liners had all of our guests in stitches!” - Louise Mahoney, Coordinator: Dreams2Live4

“The highlight during the evening’s entertainment, Bruce had my client, and guests (almost 200 of them), in stitches!  Bruce was very appropriate given my corporate client, and even managed to keep everyone laughing the next day.  His witty one-liners could be heard during the following day’s conference.  I’m personally looking forward to seeing Bruce perform again… he’s an absolute crack-up.” - Den Angelov, Director: Expedite Marketing & Events

“Intense and hilarious, Griffiths bought an entirely different edge to the show.” – The [au] review

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